Live concert drawing – Maria Surducan & Julien Limonne

Technical needs

To provide :

  • 4 audio inputs. (2 sound card outputs + 2 keyboard outputs)
  • 4 Dl for audio outputs.
  • 4 XLRs
  • 4 electrical outlets (4 UK adapters if needed)
  • 1 table 2 meters by 1 meter to place the instruments and the computer, sound card and controller.
  • 1 Nord Stage 2 88-key keyboard (No need for the date in Lyon)

Provided by the artist:

  • Wire card
  • Computer
  • Jack and cable plungers.
  • MIDI controller
  • Various musical instruments
  • Microphones
  • Nord Stage 2 keyboard (except for the date in Lyon)

The concert can be played with several musicians, 2 or 3 additional ideally,
with if possible the addition of a piano in the list of instruments.

VR Installation – Karrie Fransman

Technical needs

  • An Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and 2 controllers (it would be great to have a second backup headset in case that doesn’t work but we could bring our Oculus Quest 1 headset if needed).
  • 2 portable batteries.
  • Spare AA batteries for controllers
  • It’s not essential but it would be good to have a TV screen for others to watch what’s going on. We’d need a Cromecast to stream it to the tv. To make that work we need good quality Wi-Fi connection.
  • A room of at least around 5 square meters (though can be flexible).
  • A volunteer keeping an eye on the users.
  • Finally we could show the Icosa gallery 3D model of the art work on a laptop for anyone to look around. It’s just a website link so it’s easy.


The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, England

Escola Joso, Spain

Lyon BD, France

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgium

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