Lyon BD, challenging but inspiring community actions

The French festival associated with Comic Art Europe put many initiatives into place in the framework of the literacy project.



When the Comic Art Europe project was created, one of the main objectives was to use the comic book channel for educational purposes. The idea was to use this tool – a great combination of image and text – to develop a literacy project. Each partner collaborates with local institutions and organises several workshops that aim to teach specific groups how to read, write and master a language.

Lyon BD festival, our Comic Art Europe partner in France, collaborates with the CADA (Centre d’accueil des demandeurs d’asile), which is a reception centre for asylum seekers, and the association “Langues Comme Une”. The festival is currently conducting workshops with twelve people from various nationalities and languages: Senegalese, Congolese, Ethiopian, Afghan, Lebanese and Moroccan. To sum up: 12 people, 10 women and 2 men, 6 nationalities, and 11 different languages. This project is challenging, of course, but mostly inspiring. During the workshops organised by Lyon BD, attendees are asked to find meaning in comic strips in different ways: find the logical organisation of the strips, identify punctuation marks and their meaning, or associate simple sentences with speech bubbles. The organization will also collaborate with two libraries (“Bibliothèque de la Part Dieu” and “Bibliothèque de Gerland”) to organize several digital sessions and visits of those books temples. The festival has been organising workshops since the 21st of March and will conduct the project until the 1st of June. A great project that we are proud to support!

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