OPEN CALL 2022: Discover the winners

Here we go…We were eager to let you discover the winners of our Open Call 2022. As a reminder, the topic of this year’s edition was “Living together”. We received a lot of beautiful projects from the whole Europe, and the final choice was not easy to make. The jury deliberated and chose the five artists who will have the chance to be accompanied and supported by Comic Art Europe. Each artist will be awarded a 5000€ grant and a 2-week residency in one of our partner institutions in order to receive help in the completion of their project.

Here are the 5 talented artists selected by our jury:

James Albon. He is from England and has a comic book project called “Love Languages”, a love story between two people from different cultures. Alienated and isolated in their own lives, they meet in Paris and develop a friendship using their intermediate levels of French. As they learn the language and discover each other’s culture, they find not only love for each other but also a new self-confidence, building a common patchwork of English, French and Cantonese…A secret love language to themselves, incomprehensible to outsiders. But as a same-sex couple, the biggest barrier to their communication is their ability to navigate complex and nuanced conversations about their own relationship.

Bernard Hage, a Lebanese author living in Germany. The artist, also known as “The art of boo”, is planning to write “The Philosopher”, a comic book that depicts the monologue of a philosopher during an outdoor walk, in which he reflects on society, existence, race, human nature, goodness, the differences between people and their ability to coexist. As the philosopher strives to create an idealistic and ethical society, he finishes his walk and arrives at his apartment to find his roommate’s dog chewing on his research paper and loses his mind over it. This project aims to highlight human behaviour towards society as theory and practice.

Silvia Ballart, Spanish author, surprised us with the title of her project, “The Hermit”. Her book pretends to reveal topics such as mental health and identity problems, and how older generations have suffered them in silence. The story itself is about how life in society can take us to a dark place although society itself can also save us and make us grow.

Eva Pavlič‘s project inspired by the theme “Living Together” is a story told by a building of its inhabitants. Although we live in separate flats, we still share an entrance, a hallway, foundations, a construction grid… We hear our neighbour listening to techno music. We see the muddy footsteps of someone’s canine companion on the terrazzo steps. I can see your balcony from mine, and I noticed you water your plants too much. The thinner the plaster walls, the better we know our neighbours…


Štěpánka Jislová will express her perception of “living together” through her project “The Invisible Shade”, an autobiographical comic book story that will explore what it means to be a woman with autism, as for many, women on the spectrum seem to be invisible or outright non-existent. The primary goal of the project is to tell real-life stories and allow readers to understand and empathize. The stories and memories cover a wide range of experiences to show the good, the bad, and the surprisingly hilarious. There is an explanation of the autism spectrum, a bit of history, the differences between Asperger’s in men and women, and much more…


Winners will soon be assigned the location in which they will have the chance to do their residency. Comic Art Europe is proud to be able to support such promising projects and to help such talented artists.

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The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, England

Escola Joso, Spain

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The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgium

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