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The Comic Art Europe programme is all about demonstrating the importance of comics in societies across Europe and supporting new and young comics creators in developing their skills and experience.

One element of the programme is proving that comics can have a positive impact on literacy skills, enabling people from all ages and backgrounds to become better readers, writers and communicators and enhancing their confidence and social skills.

Each European partner is working with one group to research the impact of comics on literacy. These communities actions are internationally and nationally significant and will run from 2021- 2023.

Two concrete examples:

  • Lyon BD is working in collaboration with Bron’s CADA (asylum seekers hosting centre) and Langues Comme Une (an organisation that specialises in literacy workshops for those who are not skilled in reading). Langues Comme Une did two sessions of ten literacy workshops using comics with six people in each, benefitting twelve residents in total. The first year of workshops ended on 28 July 2021. The results are very positive and impressive, and Langues Comme Une will be integrating the use of comics into all its workshops from Autumn 2021.
  • The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (LICAF) are delighted to collaborate with Abraham Moss Primary School, Year 3. In the UK they are exploring how comics impact upon children’s enjoyment of reading and their well-being. LICAF have delivered 20 workshops in collaboration with comics creators and art teachers.
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An overview in a few figures:

  • 2 researchers studying the subject
  • 60 workshops
  • 12 asylum seekers
  • 15 protected women
  • 20 elementary school students
  • An intermediate report to the Lakes Festival in October 2021


Lyon BD, challenging but inspiring community actions

The French festival associated with Comic Art Europe put many initiatives into place in the framework of the literacy project.

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The workshops in Belgium are going well!

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Success for LICAF’s first workshop on literacy

One of Comic Art Europe’s goal is to research the impact of comics on literacy throughout workshops opened to different communities.

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The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, England

Escola Joso, Spain

Lyon BD, France

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgium

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