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The «Comic Art Europe» project is a pilot project bringing together four European organisations representing different elements of the comic book ecosystem: a higher education institution, festivals and a museum. It aims to strengthen the comic book sector in Europe by experimenting with collaborative working methods. It promotes the transnational mobility of artworks, workers and creators as a means to significantly upscale the work. It prefigures a European comics community capable of positioning creators and organisations at a European level thereby challenging the historical dominance of the American and Japanese giants.

The project will experiment with professional training (summer camp and residency pathways), creative assistance (grants and residencies), dissemination of results in Europe and outside Europe (European comic book catalogue, large-scale dissemination channels) and mediation around the transformational power of comics (in particular through literacy workshops with comics).

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«Comic Art Europe» will enable the participating organisations to test new ways of working together which will strengthen their skills and boost their profile and longevity.

The project partners, united by shared values and a belief in the transformational power of comics, constitute the embryo of a future network capable of bringing the sector together at a European level. This network will develop the capacities of its members, represent the sector at international trade fairs and markets, and consolidate a common culture built throughout this experimental project.


Summer Camp 2021 – Barcelona!

Comic Art Europe’s first Summer Camp was a hit!

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Success for LICAF’s first workshop on literacy

One of Comic Art Europe’s goal is to research the impact of comics on literacy throughout workshops opened to different communities.

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Last call for the Summer Camp

The new deadline for applications is April 9th!

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Our projects

Open Call for Comics Projects

Comic Art Europe launched a call for projects for European authors on the theme “Visions of tomorrow” – all formats (comics, shows, exhibitions, …) were welcomed, the only constraint was the use of the comics medium.

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Summer Camp

Would you like to take part in a Summer Camp with 20 other young creators from all over Europe? Sharing experiences, approaches and concerns, receiving advice from renowned professionals representing different sectors of the publishing world: authors, publishers, agents etc.

Our first Summer Camp will take place in Barcelona, in Escola Joso, from July 4th to 10th 2021.

Driven by Comic Art Europe and coordinated by Escola Joso Barcelona, this Summer Camp seeks to help young creators take a major step towards becoming professional, receiving invaluable training in aspects of the comic industry that an academic or self-taught education tends not to take into account and that the profession demands

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Community Actions

One element of the Comic Art Europe programme is proving that comics can have a positive impact on literacy skills, enabling people from all ages and backgrounds to become better readers, writers and communicators and enhancing their confidence and social skills. This programme will be internationally and nationally significant and runs from 2021-2023.

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The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, England

Escola Joso, Spain

Lyon BD, France

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgium

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