Summer Camp 2021 – Barcelona!

Comic Art Europe’s first Summer Camp was a hit!

19 students from 9 European countries came to Barcelona, to spend one week at the great Escola Joso in order to improve their skills as future professional comics artists.

They had the opportunity to meet numerous professionals from the industry such as artists Pepe Larraz (author at Marvel Comics), Jordi Lafebvre (Les beaux étés, Always Never), but also artistic director Fernando Güell and so many other great people.

Some feedback from the students:

“Before this Summer Camp I didn’t have enough information about the industry and didn’t know what steps to take in order to become a more skilled artist that other people could work with. Now I’m better equipped to make decisions for myself and set achievable goals.”

“It gave me so many things to work on! I have to re-work my porfolio, with my new pitch I presented during the summer camp, I have to make a buisness card and I have more motivation to work on new and different projects.”

The Summer Camp is a place to learn, but also to meet new friends!

“I’m keeping in touch with a couple of person from the summer camp, the one who have a similar art vision to mine. We plan to visit each others’ countries and meet to go to comic conventions and maybe doing some projects together.”


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