Meet the open call winners

We are keen to present to you each of the comics creatives who won one of the 5 artist residencies.

Five talented artists were selected among 200 applicants. They all had to present an exhibition project based on the theme “Visions of tomorrow”.


Filipa Beleza is a Portuguese freelance illustrator and comic book artist. She enjoys drawing her own existential crisis, and everyone else’s. “I am very excited about this opportunity and feel thankful that Comic Art Europe gave this chance to translate into images my own vision of tomorrow!” says Filipa

Marine des Mazery is a French illustrator and comics creator. Passionate about stories and comics since she was a child, Marine is inspired by everything she encounters. “I feel really honored to have been selected by Comic Art Europe for their project “Visions of tomorrow” and I’m sure it’s gonna be an exciting and fulfilling experience for all of us!” says Marine

Karrie Fransman is a Scottish graphic novelist and a comics creator. “I was delighted to ear I’d won one of the Comic Art Europe residencies and thrilled to be showcased alongside such a great group of talented artists. All the more so at a time when it’s not possible to travel and connect with people. I look forward to seeing the work produced as part of this project and looking towards the future. A big thank you to all the judges at Comic Art Europe for this opportunity!” says Karrie


Meikel Mathias is a German illustrator and has been teaching creative workshops since 2006. “I just felt really happy and thankful to be given the opportunity by the Comic Art Europe project to execute this comic story which I have had in mind. Also I am honored to be selected in the first open call and be part of an initiative that tries to establish and promote the sequential art internationally.” says Meikel

Maria Surducan is a Romanian freelance illustrator and comic book author. She believes images are an imprecise and therefore a slightly more accurate means of translating reality than words. “I am honored to be part of this selection! It will give me the chance to test the healing power of art, to put the experience of these strange times into comics, and to connect with fellow artists.” says Maria

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The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, England

Escola Joso, Spain

Lyon BD, France

The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Belgium

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